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Audio and visual presentation are crucial components of the modern conference landscape. Done well, they can help position your message in a flattering spotlight and create a memorable impact on conference attendees. Left in inexperienced hands, however, the outcomes are always a gamble.

That’s why our team approaches each event from a hard-won, advanced technical perspective. As Utah’s highest-rated event production team, each of our team members boasts specialized expertise, a history of success, and yes… the personal charisma necessary to ensure incredible energy and smooth sailing throughout the entirety of your conference.

Projectors & Screens

Show videos and presentations on a wide variety of screen sizes. Our state-of-the-art projectors cut through the room to present media vividly, even when the lights are on.

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A conference projector that says Simplify Home Loans.


Your conference audio should be clear and crisp with the proper frequencies and volumes dialed in. Our wireless microphones don’t cut out, our speakers fill the room evenly with sound, and our audio mixing boards allow for comprehensive control on the day.

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In Person Events

Lighting Designs

Display your conference’s color scheme throughout the event space, light up the venue walls, and even exhibit your conference’s name in large scale and lights on the exterior of the building.

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Image Magnification

Take your conference to the next level with high-fidelity image magnification. Display speakers, performers, and more live on jumbotrons in real time.

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Stages & Draping

Take the stress out of stage construction and draping for your conference by letting our events team handle the work according to any and all dimensional and aesthetic specifications.

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Photo & Video

Pre-record high-fidelity video clips to show attendees, access an extensive photo portfolio of key moments from the conference, and enjoy a stunning highlight video in the days following your conference.

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Interactive Lighting Installations

Deliver a conference experience like none other with interactive lighting installations. Through cutting-edge technology, we build displays to captivate conference audiences and create truly one-of-a-kind moments.

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