SheTech Semi-Annual Conference

Oct 27, 2021

SheTech Semi-Annual Conference


The SheTech program is the largest industry-led STEM program to activate, engage and inspire high school girls into STEM degrees and successful careers. 


SheTech hired Charisma Event Productions because they wanted to do a completely virtual conference for all of their attendees across the United States. We partnered with Avalanche Studios and held the event in their studio. Together, we created a livestream with stellar sound and fantastic lighting. 


  • We broadcast the livestream on YouTube so all attendees could chat with one another, which created some fun and interactive conversations. 
  • This event had a really unique combination of virtual presenters. We had one main host in the room with us and the rest of the presenters were virtual. We had the in-person host on the left side of the screen and the virtual presenter on the right side of the screen. In the studio, we set it up in a way so the in-person host could see the virtual presenter on a screen right in front of her. The host also had a headpiece that allowed her to hear what the virtual presenter was saying. This way, it felt like a normal conversation because she could only see the virtual guest, but everyone else on the livestream could see both of them at the same time. 
  • We captured the screen of the in-person host so as she shared her content, we could bring that right into the livestream. 


There were approximately 3,000 girls who watched this 5-hour livestream. It was a super successful broadcast and we look forward to working with SheTech in the future!

Livestreaming equipment capturing a woman speaking at SheTech.

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