Building Projection Mapping the Utah Governor’s Mansion

May 15, 2024

Building Projection Mapping the Utah Governor’s Mansion

In February, the Utah Governor’s office reached out to our company asking if we had the ability to light up the Governor’s Mansion as well as the Utah State Capitol Building in the Ukraine flag colors in conjunction with the governor’s “We Stand with Ukraine” rally. It was a very quick ask since it was only 24 hours in advance; however, we have done a lot of building lighting before, so this was something we could quickly deliver.

We did more than just lights. We projection-mapped the Governor’s Mansion with a waving Ukraine flag, meaning we superimposed a video on the Mansion and sized it as large as the building. The blue and yellow colors popped and looked so bright and brilliant from all over. Cars were honking as they drove by in support of Ukraine’s national colors and the rally. We used 20 wireless battery-powered uplights as filler colors around the mansion, wrapping the entire building in colors. We have done building projection-mapping on homes, hospitals, and businesses before, but projection-mapping the Governor’s Mansion was definitely an honor to be a part of. The news covered this story, and we were very excited to share our way of supporting “We Stand with Ukraine.”

If you want to projection-map your building, wall, event, or even car, please reach out to us. We are a production company based out of Lehi, Utah that focuses on everything from conference a/v production to projection-mapping and lighting rentals.

Video Mapping of Governor’s Mansion

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