Multi-Camera Live Streaming

We are a live streaming company based in Utah and available for travel anywhere to broadcast life’s best moments.
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Charisma Event Productions will coordinate a professional live broadcast that allows your viewers to feel fully engaged with your event from the comfort of their own homes. With our top-of-the-line equipment, mobile internet solutions, and multi-camera system, we will ensure that your live stream is both TV quality and rock solid. We can also produce fully virtual events with talent in multiple locations anywhere in the world.

Why You Can Trust Us

Charisma Event Productions started out with live streaming as our only service. Streaming and broadcasting was, and always will be, the core of our business, which is why we have such a positive reputation. We aren’t an AV company that added live streaming out of necessity; we’re a live-streaming-centered company that later integrated other useful AV services.

  • Include remote presenters
  • Multiple platform streaming
  • Record entire live stream
  • Receive viewer analytics
  • Can add password protection
  • Confidence monitor for presenters
  • Lighting to enhance video quality
  • Sound technician for clear audio
  • Rock-solid bonded internet
  • Private video server for security
  • Show presentation and speaker
  • Play pre-recorded videos

Our Live Streaming Process


We will discuss your key objectives and how we can help you achieve them with our expertise in the virtual event space.


Selling tickets? We have a secure platform for that. Want to maximize viewership retention? We have proven strategies to help with that too.


We craft appealing visuals that are stylish and on brand in order to create an immersive experience for your online viewers.


Our team of skilled professionals will put your worries to rest as we pull off a seamless broadcast.


Bring Your Event To Life

Our team will help you design and execute a flawless event. Let’s get started with some basic information to start the quote process.

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