Event Lighting Rentals & Designs

Visually Take Your Event to the Next Level

Our lighting is used at events like conventions, weddings, and company parties to enhance the mood and create a unique atmosphere. Imagine lighting up the office building with your company colors, displaying your logo or name in giant lights, or watching the entire room change colors throughout the evening. If you have a cool lighting idea not listed here, please reach out to us. It’s very likely we can make it happen.

Room Lightscaping

When lighting is used correctly, it can dramatically enhance the mood. Our rentals range from full room uplighting to energetic dancing lighting.

Nighttime Building Lighting

Change the look of your office building or venue for a night with our distinctive building lighting. Covering the building in your colors and name will certainly catch everyone’s attention.

The outside of a conference building.

Your Name in Lights

Company logos, wedding couples names, or event names can be seen from far away using our monogram (GOBO) projection lights. They also make for excellent photo spot backgrounds.

Interactive Lighting Displays

Add an interactive installation to your event ranging from group games to abstract walkway designs. The design moves in real time as people waive their hand, kick the ball, or walk by.

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